The New Norm….Working from Home.

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Although remote working is nothing new (Global Workplace Analytics reported that in the U.S. 47 million employees work from home at least half of the week), when having to work from home unexpectedly, it may require making some adjustments to stay focused and be efficient. Here are a few tips to keep you engaged and more effective if you are new to working remotely.

Tips For Working Effectively At Home

1.    Create a set schedule. Try to maintain your regular schedule (as much as possible). Wake up at your normal time, go to bed at your normal time and maintain consistent work hours.

2.    Get dressed.

3.    Create a dedicated space. Set a space in your home where you can work. Whether it’s a home office, kitchen or dining room table – avoid your bed or sofa.

4.    Take breaks – Look up from your computer. Walk around the house, stand up and stretch.

5.    Schedule regular check ins with your manager and team members. Teams that are used to meeting and working together on projects need time to interact. Schedule daily or weekly check in meetings to connect and discuss work. Utilize Zoom, Skype, Adobe Connect, or other collaboration and meeting tools. Utilize your chat functions as well. Our team has begun a daily 11am Zoom meeting check in to stay connected. It’s important to continue to engage with your coworkers and staff throughout the day.

Don’t Forget About Your Personal Wellbeing

1.    Journal or find a good book to read in your downtime

2.    Watch the news sparingly. Binging on news broadcasts about the Coronavirus can lead to increased anxiety.

3.    Eat healthy snacks.

4.    Take a quick walk after lunch

5.    Limit social media notifications during work. It’s a huge distraction

6.    Ask other people at home to respect your workspace, and working time.

Remember, pace yourself, create your space, and stay engaged with your team. 

If you need assistance reviewing your policies and guidelines around remote working, contact us today at: [email protected]


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