6 Reasons Why Keeping a Routine Can Benefit You and Your Overall Success

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Do you ever find yourself losing the same set of keys or maybe even losing important notes from yesterday’s meeting!? Do you battle with project or time management!? Does the thought of another task extremely overwhelm you before even assessing what energy you can put towards it? It could be that you need a routine. Setting daily routines can help with stress, time management, and over-all well-being in a tremendous way. If you’re like me or should I say my “prior self” then you’re probably thinking a routine wouldn’t change a whole lot, however, I might be able to change your mind by the end of this article. Here are 6 reasons why keeping a routine can benefit you and your overall success journey!

1.    Improves Productivity

When you have a plan written out and goals to reach each day, it’s much more likely that you will try to complete those tasks. You’re able to be one step ahead by cancelling out the time wasted during time where you could be productive. Creating a daily routine provides the framework within which we live our lives and conduct our daily activities.

2.    Saves Time, Our Most Valuable Resource

I have literally spent 30 minutes looking for something I use every day, my keys because I wasn’t sticking to the routine of putting them in the same place as I entered my home. It sounds silly but that 30 mins made a difference and effected the rest of my day. Not only had time been wasted, but I was also frustrated to the point where my mood was affected. By utilizing a key holder, I created a routine and now have no problems wonder where they were placed.

3.    Instills Good Habits

When we design a personal routine that works for us, it facilitates developing good habits by encouraging us to repeat the same tasks. Just like brushing our teeth every morning, adhering to a routine allows us to foster habits that match our goals and aspirations. In order to build good habits, you must be consistent in your routine.

4.    Helps Us Get the Most Important Tasks Done

I have truly learned how freeing it feels to cross tasks off my list. Simply checking things off as you go will slightly begin to motivate you because you will visually see what goals or tasks you have accomplished! In turn you’ll also realize you actually have more time to get things done than you may have previously believed because now your time is allocated to achieving your goals. Once you achieve goals or feel better in general about everyday tasks, you’ll want to do more. You’ll want to achieve more because you will feel empowered to do so.

5.    Reduces the Need for Determination and Willpower

Once your routine begins to feel like second nature, that extra push you needed to complete tasks will no longer be necessary. To compare it to something simple: When we brush our teeth in the morning, it does not require a lot of determination or willpower because most of us have made it a part of our daily routine.

6.    Helps Reduce Stress

Your mental health is important to how you function in everyday life. Creating a routine will allow you to maneuver with ease when unplanned events are thrown at you. The act of ‘doing’ gives us a sense of control and helps us relax instead of fretting about the tasks at hand.

Creating routines in everyday life is just as important in within the workplace. Don’t be afraid to challenge yourself by creating a routine and sticking to it, this is the only way you can experience the benefits of how having a routine will make you feel. Write it out, start small, try to create a morning or nightly routine for yourself and assess how you feel after doing it for week. Having it in a visible area will help in holding you accountable. Good luck and much success, you’ve got this! 


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