Coaching for Success: Why is Coaching Your Employees So Important?

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Coaching is an individualized process where someone with more experience or skills provides another with guidance and advice to help them develop, improve, or enhance their skills or performance.

Performance Coaching

As a manager, providing regular feedback to employees about their performance is important. The goal is to solve performance problems and improve the overall work of the employee, the team, and the department. Coaching is effective when employees are open to feedback and have a willingness to change. Performance coaching benefits the company and the employee. The Balance Careers reported that employees who respond in a positive manner to their coaching not only improve their performance but can also become valued contributors to the success of the business.

Performance coaching is not only about turning around poor performers. Effective contributors and high performing employees can benefit from performance coaching to help them continue to improve and add to the development of their skills and experience. These efforts, in turn, positively affect the organization and the organization’s performance results.

Tips for Coaching Employees

As a manager, you want to coach and be a guide to your employees. Express your confidence that your employee’s performance can improve, and focus on problem solving, but do it together. As a coaching manager is it important to listen more. Help your employees reflect upon and gain knowledge from their own experiences. To create consistency and maintain momentum, create an action plan and remember to follow up regularly with your employee.

Your employees are also facing barriers to success. Your job as a manager is to help identify barriers and establish a plan to remove these barriers. Barriers can be due to organizational structures, culture, and even processes. Help your employee remove the barriers that might be hindering their performance.

So why is coaching employees so important? In a study conducted by Deloitte, it was reported that organizations who have senior leaders who coach can improve business results by 21% compared to those who don’t. Managers who coach employees are a true asset to an organization. Both the employees and the organization benefit from the coaching experience. Coaching your employees promotes business success!


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