When is it time to revamp your resume?

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The time is now! Given the current state of culture we are in, a lot of us are inside of the house looking for something to do once work is complete. Take this time to really develop a resume that will change the game for yourself. Keep in mind that you will never have one resume that you will use for every job opening. Depending on the job requirements and qualifications, you may even have a few different versions for the same job title. Your resume should constantly be evolving.

As you gain more experience and skills, a good practice is to keep a notebook where you track all of these learning developments. This way, when it’s time to sit down and take a look at that resume, you’re not scrambling for the information. It might be good to do a quarterly check in, where you sit down and record any new skills you have mastered, this is also a time to record those achievements as well. If you didn’t have a journal before, now’s the perfect time to start one. Take a minute and jot down every responsibility you’ve had in each prior position, then narrow it down to the top 3-4 most important entries.

You want your past work experience to highlight growth in your capabilities and your verbal communication as well. You should be able to look at a resume from years prior and see the difference in how you’ve explained achievements and responsibilities as time has gone on. This growth may only be visible to you at first, however, it is up to you to show that in the interview. Be sure to elaborate on a responsibility in a way that shows the value it brought to daily operations and the company’s overall goal. Seems a bit extra, but when you think about it, it’s necessary. When a recruiter is sourcing candidates, black and white ink is their only way of knowing who you are. Therefore, everything on your resume should outline the asset you could be to their team.

We know it’s not easy, resume building can be somewhat overwhelming, especially when you’ve updated your resume in the past and feel there’s nothing else you can do to change it or “spice it up”. Professional services are useful in helping you identify areas of improvement and here at Essex Consulting, LLC we can help you on this journey. Including myself, we have experienced Recruiters and HR Consultants on our team that can help you build a resume from the ground up or improve an existing one.

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