Increasing Your Business Presence – Why It’s Important

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We recently did a lunchtime webinar on increasing your business presence. Why is this important? In today’s fast paced work environment, you may be doing a great job, getting tasks done, showing up to work every day, being that reliable employee, but you are still getting overlooked for promotions and challenging assignments. Increasing your business presence helps you to be seen differently. Seen as a true business partner, as a contributor.

Here are couple of quick tips to keep in mind. First, update your resume and LinkedIn profile. This sounds cliché, especially if we’re trying to increase your business presence within your own company. But, stay with me… keep your resume and profile current. This is a reminder for you of your great work. We all need that boost of confidence sometimes. You will also always be prepared to be able to share with a prospective employer or manager in your company should an opportunity arise. Make sure you are keeping your resume fresh – old systems, software and certifications that are no longer relevant should be removed. Don’t be afraid to work with a professional to get a resume that highlights your greatest accomplishments.

Joining business networking group
Joining business networking group

Get comfortable networking regularly. Send a brief email or note to former coworkers or managers with an article that might interest them or meet for coffee and catch up. Networking helps to keep you in other people’s minds. Be open to sharing your recent wins and how you may have grown since you’ve worked with them. This same networking can be done within your organization as well. Get on a department or senior manager’s schedule and meet to talk about department goals, your aspirations, and how you can help the organization achieve its goals. Talk about a recent project and get feedback on what might have worked better or celebrate how things went well! Show that you are engaged and interested. Lean in!

Don’t forget to be a self-promoter. Take the opportunity to talk about something you’re proud of during your next 1-on-1 with your manager. Make sure you are aligning your achievements with your manager’s and department’s priorities.

Finally, remember likability is important. Build rapport and find common interests that you may have with your boss. Show interest. A little personality goes a long way. People have a need to feel comfortable working with you. Be authentic, but don’t be afraid to be friendly and look up from your computer. I like to have quiet time and eat lunch alone, but I balance that with setting up occasional lunch meetings and joining others for lunch sometimes. Even if you must get out of comfort zone, make the effort.

Want to learn more? Join us on March 11 for an HRCI approved webinar:

Get that next promotion: A guide for increasing your professional presence and building business acumen.

This webinar will also teach you:

  • How to practice mindfulness in business
  • How to develop a strategic perspective
  • Financial acumen
  • Learning your individual management style
  • The importance of recognizing growth opportunities

Register through Eventbrite:  Get That Next Promotion: A Guide for Increasing Your Professional Presence 


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